Indivisible Women - Women's Rights Team

Vision: To protect, expand, and advance women's rights as human rights both locally and nationally. 

Goals: Fund reproductive healthcare & Title X family planning services; eliminate violence against women; and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.  We plan to work with DVSAC (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition) and Women of Worth to combat violence against women and support survivors within our community.  We are working to open the dialogue within our community about sexual assault, domestic violence and healthy relationships; we seek to address the issue of these crimes against immigrant women, DREAMers and DACA recipients going unreported for fear of deportation or detainment due to the current administration’s anti-immigrant stance.

Current Legislative Action: Contact our Assemblymember Brian Dahle to represent you by voting YES on AB 569, the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act. The bill will protect workers from firing or any other adverse employment effects based on their reproductive health choices, like using birth control or in vitro fertilization.

Team Lead: Kate Wanamaker

Next Meeting

Saturday, June 10
1:30 - 3:30 pm
The Clinic: 120 Richardson St, Grass Valley
Parking lot located behind the building.

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