Why we hold a safe and sacred space for women

This is the medicine... the healing, the conversations. 

Disclaimer, I love men and we need men to also heal from their wounds and rise up in love with us.  AND it is my passion and purpose to support women to step into their leadership and show up as their whole best selves. It is not my role to provide that space for men and I know some awesome men who are holding this space and doing the work right now. My friend Oscar Perez, who is doing the work, has expressed that it can be a challenge to just get men in the door, to take the leap and dive in, to heal...the Making of Men. The patriarchy (which hinders both men and women) has pinned women against each other for years...  We are long overdue for solidarity and healing with each other. I appreciate the supportive men in our lives who can honor that and the space that is needed.

I encourage everyone to connect with a group that speaks to you. We are excited to unify, connect and collaborate with the other Indivisible groups. The lotus is blossoming from the mud... Please allow us time to grow and take shape. Our roots are still connected. It is not my role to create a space for men but I love seeing that men are also rising up taking the lead to do so. You are needed! We all are. 

Following the election I was pulled to be with women... more than ever. There was no initial strategy.  We said simply, “Let's bring women together in our community” and 40 women showed up in a storm. A grandmother and a mother-to be said, “I will March on Washington” and invited 40 of their friends. Over 5 million showed up. Following the March we were excited to bring women together in our community in a cafe, in circle, and 350 women showed up.  Our next meeting held 600.  We have over 2,000 local rural women members in our private Facebook group. We didn't plan on that, it just happened.

At our third meeting, I was asked by a man, “How come I can't participate in this gathering today, for women?"  The more the dialogue continues about why men aren't allowed in our Indivisible Women group, the more I feel stronger about co-holding this space and recognize the need for it. Like Sheila said, this experience also requires me to look at my own privilege as a white woman and the importance of intersectionality and holding a space that is inclusive to all women and I'm also very much aware of the need for separate spaces held by my sisters of color. I LOVE that this experience has connected me with so many extraordinary women that I hadn't played with before like Barbara DeHart, Susan Kraft, Lisa Ochsner Cowden, Stephanie Ann, Ricki Heck, Chris Hawkins (the list goes on) and has strengthened my relationship with women who I deeply admire. We are all needed right now to show up as our best selves... to hold respect and love our ourselves and each other.

- Elisa



Men (and woman who prefer a coed environment) are welcome at meetings of:

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