Indivisible Women LaMalfa Action Team


Team Focus: All issues relating to our Representative Doug LaMalfa.

Next Team Meeting: None set.

Team Leader: None.  We coordinate with our interest teams and many local political groups on issues relating to LaMalfa.

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Doug LaMalfa represents us on the federal level in the House of Representatives.  He represents California's District 1, which covers parts of 11 counties in Northern California.  He is up for re-election in November 2018 and his term ends January 2019.



E-mail form:

Phone numbers:

  • DC office: 202-225-3076
  • Auburn office: 530-878-5035
  • Redding office: 530-223-5898
  • Oroville office: 530-534-7100

Fax numbers:

  • ResistBot: text resist to 50409
  • Send a free fax from your computer: FaxZero or GotFreeFax
  • DC office: 202-226-0852
  • Auburn office: 530-878-5037
  • Redding office: 530-223-5897 
  • Oroville office: 530-534-7800  

Office addresses:


LaMalfa held a town hall on March 18th in Grass Valley.  KVMR broadcast the town hall.  YubaNet live streamed the town hall.  LaMalfa held a town hall on April 17 in Oroville.  He will hold one April 19 in Redding.


NEWHear Episode 1 of District One Media's LaMalfa Report


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  1. Redistricitng (after 2020, info on that soon) and
  2. Registering about 40,000 new (or reregistered) Dems and making sure they all vote.

Choose Statewide Election Results. Choose 2016, 2014 or 2012 and General or Primary elections. Go to Statement of Vote, and choose US Representatives by District.  Here are the 2016 General election results:
Here are the Representative results by district and county: