July 1: Leave public comments to protect our national monuments and net neutrality.

July 2: Contact our House Rep and Senator Harris to co-sponsor the Scientific Integrity Act, H.R. 1358 and S. 338, to endure researchers working for our government release their findings without censorship.

July 3: Contact your Assemblymember to SUPPORT SB 100, which would grow our economy and help our environment by setting a target of 60% clean energy by 2030 and 100% clean energy by 2045.

July 4: Protect miners’ rights and advocate for their safety by contacting our representatives to support S. 854 / H.R. 1903.  Happy 4th of July and thank you for all your patriotic efforts to be involved in politics and help improve the world!

July 5: It is hard to imagine when you are in the middle of our forests, but Nevada County has the worst air quality rating for ozone, in the bottom 10% for the country. Oppose a 10-year delay in enacting air pollution regulations by contacting our Members of Congress to OPPOSE S 263 and HR 806.

July 6: Find out #WheresLaMalfa and contact him to OPPOSE H.R. 495, which would eliminate protections for unaccompanied children who illegally enter the US. Please share letter to the editor links.

July 7: Help move AB 10, which would provide free access to menstrual products in California schools for grades 6-12, out of the Senate Appropriations committee.  On social media, please use the hashtags: #TamponAccess and #AB10. Providing tampons and sanitary pads in schools is fundamentally about providing equal access to education, and letting women and girls know that their health needs are a basic human right.

July 8: Leave a public comment opposing the ACA repeal.  Let the government know it must protect its citizens by protecting and improving the Affordable Care Act.

July 9: Tell us how to best help people impacted by the Wall Fire in Oroville, read up on the deadline to file claims for the Oroville Dam disaster so you can inform and educate locals, and share links to articles and letters to the editor that address LaMalfa's poor performance as our representative.

July 10: Talk about institutionalized racism in the wake of the latest Black man murdered by a police officer.  Contact LaMalfa to vote NO on the $695 Billion Defense Authorization that would increase our armed forces by ~87,000 personnel.  RSVP for Move to Amend's Webinar.

July 11: Urge your friends and family in other districts to call their House Rep to OPPOSE H.R. 23, a bill to divert California water and fast-track dam building. It is being voted on this week.

July 12: Contact our State Assemblymember to vote YES on AB 617 for cleaner air in California.  AB 617 addresses local air pollution by increasing monitoring and imposing stricter penalties on polluters.

July 13: Contact our House Rep LaMalfa to support reversing the "Citizens United" ruling by co-sponsoring and supporting H.J. Res 48, which says constitutional rights belong only to humans, not to corporations, political PACs, or unions.  Tell him the influence of corporate money in elections weakens your vote and silences the needs of people in poverty.

July 14: Contact our members of Congress to support Title X, the only federal family planning program dedicated to providing low-income individuals access to family planning and related services.

July 15: Leave a public comment to protect our National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine National Monuments.

July 16: Submit a public comment to the Nebraska Public Service Commission opposing the Keystone XL pipeline.

July 17: Submit input on the labeling of GMO food.

July 18: Fight the Trump-Ryan-McConnell effort to rob Americans of their healthcare.  Contact our Assemblymember to support SB 651, which would require ballot initiatives to clearly list their top 3 donors.

July 19: Help AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act, which would require political ads to clearly state who paid for them.  Also, sign a petition for water rights, learn about candidates, and attend the August 8th Nevada City city council meeting if you're local.

July 20: Call 1-337-332-8080 and demand justice for DeJuan Guillory, an unarmed Black man who was murdered by a police officer.

July 21: Send a postcard to support AB 282, which would require police to receive procedural justice and implicit bias training.

July 22: Mail a letter to the Attorney General regarding the tragic death of Desmond Phillips.

July 23: Listen to CAD1Media's 2018 Congressional Candidate Roundtable today from 4-5 pm and more.

July 24: OPPOSE H.R. 3219, the defense spending bill that would allot $1.6 billion to construct the current president's proposed border wall.

July 25: Contact our Senators to co-sponsor the DREAM Act, S. 1615, to protect people who came here as children but remain undocumented.

July 26: Please call our Senators to VOTE NO on S. 1514, the deceptively named Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) for Wildlife Act, which would removal the Great Lakes wolves from their Endangered Species Act protections.

July 27: In light of the current president's discrimination against transgender people, support S. 928, which would prohibit gay conversion therapy.

July 28: Support the Nevada City Renewable Energy Resolution.

July 29: The police officer who murdered Philando Castile won't serve any jail time and was just paid $48K severance. Philando's cousin Louis Hunter is facing 10 years in prison just because he attended a protest last year. Sign the petition to tell the DA to drop the charges against Louis Hunter.

July 30: The EPA is moving forward with trying to repeal the Clean Water Rule. Please leave a public comment to protect our drinking water.

July 31: Tell our members of Congress to stand up for gender equity in education by funding the Office for Civil Rights and fighting against any attempts to roll back Title IX.