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March Against Mass Incarceration!

Hosted by Answer Coalition

Southside Park, Sac Ca.

Sacramento, California 95818

September 9th, 2017 marks one year since the largest prison strike in American history. Over 20,000 prisoners went on strike to declare an end to slavery behind bars. 

Prison labor is used to produce an endless list of common consumer goods that people use everyday. From American flags to license plates to military uniforms and even the food sold at Whole Foods, prisoners have been enslaved and exploited for corporate profit. 

ACT for America, the group behind the islamophobic Anti-Sharia rally in Roseville more than a month ago has cancelled their rally at the capitol. Instead of marching on the capitol against these individual racists, we will march downtown to call for an end to the legacy of terror and white supremacy that has been rebranded and institutionalized as the wars on drugs and gangs, producing the current system of mass incarceration. 

We call on all people opposed to modern day slavery, as enshrined in the 13th amendment, to show out to this anti-racist, anti-fascist mass march to stand against white supremacy, deportations, and mass incarceration. 

Join us as we show our solidarity with the modern day slaves locked away in the prison system. 

Initiated by - ANSWER Coalition (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism) and Brown Berets de Califas