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Black Lives Matter Press Conference - Response to Scott Jones

Hosted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Sacramento County Sheriffs Department

711 G St, Sacramento, California 95814

BLM Sacramento wrote a list of demands for transparency for folks killed or abused by our Sacramento Sheriff Department. Normally the sheriff responds by citing a court case (that, by the way, doesn't apply to our requests) telling us why he will not give us any information. NOT THIS TIME THOUGH!

This time he assumed our chapter lead Tanya Faison wrote the letter and responded directly in an attack on her. Our Demands: His Response: 

We will be holding a large press conference in response to this letter:
1) Scott Jones does NOT get to tell Black people who their community leaders are.
2) Elected officials should act professionally when speaking to the people in their communities.
3) The demands for transparency were not for Tanya, they were for the family of Mikel McIntyre, the family of Ryan Ellis, and for Patricia Hill. The demands were for information that the public should have access to, and at the least, the individual that the reports concern, should have access to. Cameras won't save us, but if Scott Jones is telling the truth they will support his story. If he gets so angry and denies these requests, all we can do is assume that he isn't being forthcoming with the folks that pay his salary.

Organizations and people that will be joining us:
SacACT - Live Free Committee
Black Lives Matter Co-Founder
Black Women United
many other community leaders throughout Sacramento