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March Against Monsanto Rally in Sacramento

Hosted by The Anti-Monsanto Project


**calling all hard core activists**
**Direct action**

We are holding a direct action on may 22nd to #ShutDown Monsanto! We will be going after the largest biotech seed research facility in the world! Please help spread the word as we will need help as this place is HUGE, about 1 square mile, and 8 points of entry. 

From it's inception Monsanto has created chemical products that it has sold as safe, only for them to be found carcinogenic years later. From sucralose and DDT, to PCBs and aspartame, to agent orange and now glyphosate. Monsanto has repeatedly his evidence of harm caused by their products and viciously reputed any science that proves their products harmful. Now the are saying that GMO's are safe... As if that's not enough they'v merged with Bayer (the pharmaceutical company) to either expand d their influence. It's up to us to stop them, especially in the weather of trump and his dismantling of the agencies entrusted to regulate products being sold to the public, (not that Monsanto didn't already have influence on those agencies).

Let's get out shut them down!! let's boycott their products, let's get them out of our food, and put them out of business for good!!!

Action against Monsanto:

  • Day 1 - May 16th lobby day Sacramento (state capital)
    The Anti-Monsanto Project
  • Day 2 - May 20th: March Against Monsanto Rally, Sacramento (State Capitol)
    The Anti-Monsanto Project: March 2017
  • Day 3 - May 22st: Shut Down Monsanto, Woodland (Monsanto)
    The Anti-Monsanto Project: Shut Down Monsanto (Woodland)


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