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Rally at Sierra College Grass Valley’s Earth Day

ally at Sierra College Grass Valley’s Earth Day, April 20, 10-3. 
Carry Signs Such as: 
Congressman La Malfa, Which Side of the Earth
Are You On?
Science or Greed?
The Greedy 1% Billionaires or
the Earth and your 99% Constituents who live on it?

Other sign information: 
La Malfa
*Supports the gutting of the E.P.A. by Scott Pruitt and Trump
*Supports the Keystone Pipeline that will enrich the Koch brothers
to the tune of $20 Billion, and DAPL Pipeline, with investor Donald Trump.
*Denies that Climate Change is the greatest threat to our children’s future,
and opposes the Paris Accords which combat it.
*Opposes a fracking ban.
*Supports the Centennial Dam developer welfare program.

Sierra College Nevada County Campus
 Honoring Mother Earth, Humanity's Only Home

Thursday, April 20, 10am to 3pm Event Details
Booths, demonstrations, presentations, artwork, posters, music, and activities by Student Clubs, Classes, Service Organizations, Environmentally-friendly businesses, and more.
Earth-friendly products, T-shirts with original artwork by Joe Medeiros, T-shirts from NCC ECOS, great food, and other items for sale.
Plant Sale - get flowers, herbs and veggies for your garden!
Friends of the Library Book Sale (in front of the library)
Live music
ECOS helps with Earth Days every spring. Sierra College Nevada County Campus is located at 250 Sierra College Drive, Grass Valley CA. There is a $3 daily parking fee on campus. Parking permits can be purchased at the kiosk machine located at the campus entrance.

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Earlier Event: April 19
LaMalfa's Redding Town Hall