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Unity March Against White Supremacy

Location: Washington DC

Let us come together as a nation to state that we are united as a people against White Supremacy.

We will not stand for leaders in Congress that fail to challenge President Trump when he 'winks and nods' to a racist base of support. We will not stand for leaders that would cynically sacrifice the good of the country, the safety of its people, for the sake of a legislative agenda.

We will not stand idly while our fellow Americans are condemned to a new age of fear and trepidation that the nation they owe their allegiance to will not ensure their ability to walk freely without expectation of persecution or the threat of violence.

We will not stand for the lingering (and expanding) institutional injustice that has and continues to pervade every corner of the American life.

All of this nation's greatest accomplishments have been the (often only part-way) rectification of the sins of our history. It is time for us to go the whole way.

I ask you to stand with me, with the majority of this nation, against the tyranny and terror of institutional racism, antisemitism, and the hate that exists across this land...once and for all.




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