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Dinner for Desmond

Hosted by Justice for Desmond Phillips

Bethel Ame Chico
821 Linden St,
Chico, CA

Join us for a potluck dinnner to remember Desmond Phillips. There will be food, family, and an informal discussion about what Crisis Intervention SHOULD look like. We will have information about Desmond, as well as T-shirts and patches for #Justice4DesmondPhillips and #NotOneMore

Please bringl your favorite dish to share and join us for an evening of love as we remember Desmond.

This event is free. Donations are accepted.

Desmond Phillips was killed by Chico police March 17, 2017. His father called the ambulance to help assist him with his son's mental episode. Desmond suffered head trauma that altered his mental state. Instead of diffusing the situation Chico police tased Desmond and then opened fire on him. Several of the bullets entered the head, neck, and chest of Desmond killing him instantly.

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