Indivisible Women Environment Team

Group Focus: Creating a community around political activism regarding all issues related to the environment.


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Team Steward: Justine Quealy <>
Group Contact: Anne L. <>


Federal Actions: Please call/e-mail/fax on one bill each day; contact our House Representative LaMalfa at 202-225-3076 to vote

  • NO on H.R. 527, which would use the sage grouse (a bird) to give away our public land.
  • NO on H.R. 424, which would remove the gray wolf from the endangered list and bar the courts from hearing any legal challenges.
  • NO on H.R. 637, which would strip EPA of many regulatory powers, such as the ability to regulate pollutants/greenhouse gasses.  Tell him to represent you by preserving federal protection of the environment.
  • YES on H.R. 1438, which would ban trapping on all wildlife refuges.
  • SUPPORT and co-sponsor H.R. 1817, the Chemical Poisons Reduction Act of 2017, which would ban the use of the lethal poisons (sodium fluoroacetate and sodium cyanide) for predator control.

Our Representative LaMalfa has co-sponsored H.R. 622, which would make law enforcement on federal lands the responsibility of police instead of park rangers.  This is part of his effort to take our federal lands and transfer them to state control.  Please talk to friends and family in different districts and urge them to ask their Representative to vote NO on H.R. 622.

Submit a public comment to the Nebraska Public Service Commission OPPOSING the Keystone XL pipeline or submit a letter through the Sierra Club (doing so gives consent for the Sierra Club to contact you via e-mail and text):

State Actions: Call your State Senator Ted Gaines at 916-651-4001 to vote

  • YES on S.B. 49, which will clone all Federal environmental protection functions at the state level, combining the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act into the California Environmental Defense Act.
  • YES on S.B. 50, which would protect federal lands from privatization.
  • YES on S.B. 51, which would protect whistleblowers from penalties.

Call our Governor Jerry Brown at 916-445-2841 to say you SUPPORT S.B. 49.




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