Please take some time to research the people running to be our elected officials.  If one matches your values and priorities, find a way to support her or him.

Ricki Heck (for NID Division 1 Board Director)
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John Volz (for NID Division 2 Board Director)

Laura Peters (for NID Division 4 Board Director)

Hilary Hodge (for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor)
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Shannan Moon (for Sheriff)
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John Foster (for Sheriff)
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Marty Walters (for House of Representatives CA District 1)
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Jessica Holcombe (for House of Representatives CA District 1)
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Audrey Denney (for House of Representatives CA District 1)
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Eleni Kounalakis (for Lieutenant Governor)
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Gayle McLaughlin (for Lieutenant Governor)
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Delaine Eastin (for Governor)
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Josh Jones (for Governor)
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Dianne Feinstein (Senator) has announced she is seeking
re-election.  Nineteen people have filed to run against her.  
The only one who has raised a significant amount of money is:
Eugene Patterson Harris (for Senator)
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The only woman who said she is planning to run is:
Alison Hartson (for Senator)