We are a results-oriented collective of women who are committed to engaging more fully at local, state and national levels to transform our political process.

Resist, Persist, Inform, Reform 

Indivisible Women is inclusive for all women. We strive to connect across the lines that sometimes divide us. We engage women to step into leadership and shine your light wherever you feel called. You are welcome here and are needed more than ever!

Today's Action:

Contact our Representative LaMalfa to vote NO on HR 634, which would eliminate the Election Assistance Commission. The EAC was created after the 2000 Presidential election disaster as an independent agency that helps ensure that our elections are fair and transparent.  It helps state and local governments secure their electronic voting machines, and standardize and approve ballot language and design.  Tell LaMalfa to protect our ballot integrity.  In February, 38 organizations, including the NAACP and League of Women Voters, sent a letter opposing HR 634 as well as HR 133, which would remove public funding of elections.
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Representative LaMalfa:
ResistBot fax: text resist to 50409
E-mail; DC office: 202-225-3076
Mail: 2399 Rickenbacker Way, Auburn, CA 95602
Term ends: January 2019

Quick links from today's meeting:

I pledge allegiance to the earth,
and to all its peoples;
to the Native Americans, to the African Americans, to the Asian Americans and to all the people in our history marginalized and harmed.
I pledge to make amends whenever possible and to
work to be a better ally.
To the trees, the sky, the air and the water, the four leggeds, the finned, the winged, the glorious pollinators.
To unpolluted food and environmental protection and justice.
To immigrant families and their protection,
and to the great work of un-othering.
I pledge allegiance to evolve into the family of life, and to lay my privilege at the feet of our belonging.
I pledge to a thriving co-existence
within the great web and weft of life;
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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